Does anti DNA ds of 26 indicate lupus?

Does anyone know how specific anti dna ds test is for lupus? Mine is positive 26 IU/ml. I've had several weak positive ANA tests (1:40 to 1:60, speckled, nuclear homogenous), but I know ANA can be positive with my crohn's. The local rheumatologist is only seeing patients with a 1:180 titer or greater because they are so busy. I've had 2 doctors refer me with no luck. I have a very mild facial rash (cheek flushing) and have a speckled rash on my feet from sunlight between my sandal straps (does not hurt or itch). Have bone pain and no energy (which crohn's can cause, but GI doc confirmed my crohn's is not active right now) . 

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    Yes, dsDNA is normally indicative of Lupus.  That is asinine that they are using the ANA titer as a limitation on who they're seeing!  (((hugs))) Keep trying to find another doctor.


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