COVID-19 vaccination safety

It appears that there has been little or no vaccine testing on lupus patients. Will there be? Is the vaccine safe for us?


  • bar0575bar0575 Member New Member
    I received my first Moderna vaccine dose, I did well , but after seeing second dose side effects of family and friends, I am postponing my 2nd dose.  My rheumatologist recommends vaccine as I am 65 , but I too want more studies.    Did Anyone with lupus get the vaccine and experience flares or severe side effects?  
  • Lima4Lima4 Member New Member
    Looks like LRA  recently funded a research study about the safety & efficacy of Covid vaccines. Check out their website for details. Anyone else have any reactions or serious complications after receiving the Covid vaccine? Thanks!
  • taylor25taylor25 Member New Member
    I can only speak to my experience. I’m 25 years old and I received the Moderna vaccine. I’ve only had my first dose. The day after my first shot I was just exhausted, and slept for most of the day. On day 2, I had all of my energy back. Day 3 I started to notice some inflammation. I’m currently on Day 4, and the inflammation is worse than day 3, but it’s manageable. 

    More background: I take plaquenil daily and am on an anti-inflammatory diet (no gluten, no alcohol). I only take prednisone when I’m having a flare. 

  • nannie67nannie67 Member New Member
    edited March 2021
    Hi! I got my 1st Pfizer vaccine on 3/16/2021 and had a minor sore arm next day and felt a little tired for a couple of hours.  I am a 53 year old female with Lupus SLE since 2009.  I get my 2nd vaccine on April 6th. I got Covid back in March 2020.   You can read my simple Blog: LUPUS FROM DAY ONE at Link: My 32 year old daughter who has Diabetes Type 1 also got the vaccine same time as me and she had a sore arm for a day and high blood sugars the next day but has it under control now. Today we are both feeling fine. We both feel glad and relieved about getting our vaccine.
  • Max13Max13 Member New Member
    I am 55 and was diagnosed with SLE when I was 34. After my lupus diagnosis I became allergic to a lot of strange things like apples, peaches, pears, raw celery, raw green beans, raw potatoes. I am also allergic to Compazine, Reglan and Sulfa. I got the J&J vaccine this am and had an allergic reaction after three minutes. The Dr. and RN got it controlled pretty quickly with Benadryl. This evening I suddenly started feeling horrible, body aches, headaches, 101.6 temperature. Has anyone else had bad reactions like this? 
  • PeggyPeggy Member New Member
    I received Pfizer vaccine 3/11/21 1st dose. 
    I to had arm pain slept 5 hours after. Ran fevers 99.9 to 100.3 took Tylenol. I a bit concerned about 2nd dose 4/1/21. Is anyone else? Or has anyone had both doses? My time inside a building that wasn’t home for a year 😷 I also have Copd. My doctor says a mild case Covid19 could still be deadly😢 my quarantine will continue 😢I promise to share & hope you all will too😷
    sorry 59 finally diagnosed 2 years ago
    not fibromyalgia 😷
    copd 4 years ago after almost dying of pneumonia 😷( don’t we all miss everyone smoking at work,bars,restaurants,every damn else) COPD
    Wish everyone Good Luck 🤞😷
    post after second dose 
  • RoJA22RoJA22 Member New Member
    I have just recently been diagnosed in the beginning of March, however in retrospect my body had been warning me for several years, but my doctors kept dismissing these as viral, until my hair started falling out-fast forward to beginning of April when i decided to get vaccine, albeit with much hesitation I received the Moderna shot. I was fatigues and my arm hurt. I received the 2nd on April 29, again minimal side effects, UNTIL day 4. To say this was one of the worst flareups is an understatement. I was laid out for almost 2 weeks the pain level was unimaginable and nothing worked. Also my body cannot tolerate Hydroxychloroquine as 1) it makes me so nauseous and iteracts with my neuropathy meds (never damage from accident). 
  • cyndyvcyndyv Member New Member
    After my second dose of Moderna I felt kinds blah and rundown for a day or 2 then was fine. Not as bad as was I get the flu shot or pneumonia shot.
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