What I've found that works best for Lupus (Must Read)

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About to change your life for whoever reads this & I live with Lupus as well. Got no help from any of the Drs or specialists. No matter what your gonna have some good an bad days but you'll be able to go thru life almost normal doing this. Now you'll never have the strength an endurance that you once had when fully healthy ever again bc Lupus just breaks the body down too much but this will keep you from feeling really sick tho. Give this 2 to 4 weeks an you'll start to see a major difference in your life. Autoimmune diseases come from too much inflammation in the body an it also cz a lot of other serious medical problems as well. 🌽 is 33% more contaminated than any other crop due to being modified in a lab an the pesticides we put on them, also have done tests an it's the only food so far that cz severe inflammation in every race. Stop eating anything with 🌽 ( high fructose syrup, syrup, starch, & etc)  in it. Eat blueberries a few times a week along with cinnamon bc these take inflammation out better than anything. Eat natural fruits, veggies, seafood, chicken (grilled or baked) & limit other meats. In the mornings drink warm water with apple cider Vinegar, lemon an Manuka Honey to build a healthy digestive system, building the body back up starts here! Oils: olive & avocado mainly, limit coconut, light sesame, & flax/grape seed. Flours: Amaranth, quinoa, chickpea, rice, oat, & limit coconut. Nuts: need to eat daily except limit peanuts. Milks: Almond, limit coconut, & limit soy for males. Spices: ALL! Eat daily & extremely good for you. Teas: green, lavender an limeflower, ginger, turmeric & drink daily. Limit your caffeine intake so if you drink coffee then don't drink a green that day instead opt for a different one. Also if you need to take an over the counter then take ibuprofen bc it takes inflammation out as well

No artificial anything, 🌽, butter, bad oils, & wheat/soy due to being modified in a lab as well. 🌽 is in everything nowadays so always check the ingredients list. Enjoy! Saved my life! 😊 Pray you all find tranquility


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