Could this be lupus?

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Hello, I hope it's ok that I have joined without a diagnosis? I've been unwell (gradually getting worse) for a few years with a looooong, tedious list of symptoms. GP seems to have lost interest and just thinks I'm an anxious hypochondriac. 
I have received a positive ANA test result, but normal dsDNA and extractable nuclear antigen follow up tests. I have a hiatus hernia, suffered infertility and multiple miscarriages and went through a sudden early menopause aged 42. My B12, iron and other FBC results are sometimes out of range, but GP says not enough to cause symptoms.

Symptoms include:
Stiff and painful joints (especially in hands)
Weakness in hands
Shooting pains in wrists, knees, feet, etc.
Symmetrical rash on chest
Rash when exposed to sunlight
Occasional raised rash under eyes
Stomach pain, discomfort, nausea
Blurred vision
Dizziness, disorientation
Pins and needles
Poor concentration and memory

Is it worth me asking GP to consider Lupus, or does it sound unlikely?

Many thanks if you got this far!


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