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Before I was diagnosed with lupus, I got a flu shot... it was the 1st flu shot I had ever gotten and I ended up with the flu and I ended up with pneumonia. it was really serious so I have since then opted not to get the flu ****..it's been 12 years ...I've managed to avoid the flu but I am reconsidering if I should. 

 Have any of you also ended up with flu after the vaccination?


  • melmel Member New Member
    Btw, I use voice so maybe it heard it wrong...but I di not curse...lol
  • cyndyvcyndyv Member New Member
    I used to get the flu from the shot. But when your in the Navy you have no choice but to get it every year. After a few years I stopped getting the flu. With lupus you really should get the flu shot every year. And you should get the pneumonia and shingles vaccines as well. Just Don't  do them all at once or you will be sick. I'm surprised your rheumatologist has told you you need these shots. Good luck and be well.
  • MaryJoMaryJo Member New Member
    The current flu shot will not give you the flu. 
    So once your doctor recommends it, there is no reason to avoid it.
    If you get the flu right after the shot, it is because you were exposed to the flu and has nothing to do with the shot.
    It has been this way for several years.
    And yes, I've caught the flu after having the shot.  But you are much safer from the flu if you get the shot.
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