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My son is 21 and has CP. The last couple of years he has had a very hard time healing and has gone down hill medically. He had 4 collapsed lungs this winter, so I finally got his doctors to look a little deeper then just his CP. He now has had a ton of blood work and we have 2 weeks before see a specialist so I was hoping if someone could give some incite for him. I know no one can say for sure, but you have all seen the blood work and I would like just some more thoughts, please.
His ANA is positive, C-4 complement is low(not bad low but low), IgA is good, ALP is high(and has been for awhile) Anti-DNA Double Stranded is negative, Antinuclear AB is positive, tiller 1:320 speckled. Positive anti-CCP. Positive ANA with antibodies specific for Ribosome P. But all his ENA are good(SS-a/RO, SS-B/La, Sm Ab IgG). Ribosomal P is high, CCP is high 54.4. His Vitamins are low A & K. His Calcuim is high. RA factor is high, also. Reading and research and so many things say RA with Lupus, but then he has other "markers" that are not there like the Double Strand DNA. I think the ANA is on his work up 3 different times in 3 different ways. 


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