What can I do for a horribly red and itchy malar rash on the face?

Camlizzy2011Camlizzy2011 Member New Member
Hello everyone. My name is Amanda and Im new to this forum. I was diagnosed with SLE almost 5 years ago now and have had lots and lots of symptoms including seizures and horrible rashes on the face. Strangely I only seem to get the rash on my face above the eyebrows, across the forehead, bridge of the nose and upper cheeks. It gets unbelievably itchy and very red. Sometimes it gets so bad that it bleeds a little bit. Sorry TMI. My question is, what can I use topically for the itching and redness? I have tried coconut oil but it doesn't help much. It is still extremely itchy. Thanks. Hope everyone had a great holiday season.


  • Moonchild26Moonchild26 Member New Member
    Hi Amanda, sorry can't provide an answer for you. I think I've tried every possible antidote with no success for my red itchy rashes. I'd be interested in hearing if anyone has found anything that helps. I do find that ointments rather than creams are more soothing even if they don't help much. I was diagnosed about 30 years ago.
  • Camlizzy2011Camlizzy2011 Member New Member
    I get horrible rashes when I get even a little bit stressed. It is mostly on my face, but lately I have noticed it on my ankles too. I have also noticed that chocolate throws me into a flare up. Has that happened to anyone else? I love chocolate but rarely eat it since it makes me flare up so bad. The rashes also take a long time to heal and it looks gross because its scaly/ flakey. Sorry TMI. I wonder if coconut oil would help. My younger sister uses it in her hair, on her skin and she has beautiful hair and skin. 
  • ster1944ster1944 Member New Member
    I have used several ointments and creams but I find that hydrochloralquinine works faster and better than anything topical.
  • cyndyvcyndyv Member New Member
    Besides plaquenil, try cellcept. I don't  know of any ointment that will help. I'm not sure the rash you're describing is the "butterfly" rash. I've never heard of it itching before. But everyone is different. I've only had 2 butterfly rashes on my face. After that my rashes appear on the palms of my hands. Just goes to show. Hope you feel better.
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