anniewarrioranniewarrior Member New Member
hey everyone... for the first time my foot got really swollen and I don’t know if I should see my rheumatologist asap or wait until Friday that is when I have my appointment with him? It was scary how swollen they got but it was just yesterday night? Please help 


  • AlfoAlfo Member New Member
    This happenend to me last weekend and today is finger is normal.  I  tolk with my doctors and they told me that I need to do my analysis again. Is excessive?. I hace the same question again. Up today, I didnt hace the diagnosis. But I have ANA positive. 1:640
  • glyndwrglyndwr Member New Member
    I regularly get swollen feet and legs, at this time my swollen.leg (right side) is weeping fluid. Also around my  waist is swollen and  comes up.in my mouth.
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