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HELLO. My daughter is 18 years old. She has lupus since she was 16. It is sever. She has already lupus nefritis. Regardless all treatment. She got chemotherapy already. We live in Canada. My question is maybe somebody can advise me a good hospital in US?


  • reillyreilly Member New Member
    Depends on what area of Canada, east or west etc. 
    University of SanFrancisco is a major autoimmune college. I know Seattle also has some excellent autoimmune clinics and doctors. 
    Sure any major city has some excellent care. My brother had nephritis severely, was on dialysis so I understand. I also had bit of issues with it but not severely. 
    You might want to see nephrology doctor that specializes in autoimmune diseases. 
    Believe me I know how hard it is to find decent and informed doctors especially if one lives in rural areas. 
    You might want to find a match if eventually she needs a transplant. Like parents, siblings all get tested now. 
    I hope this helps a little bit <3

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    My wife has Lupus since 2007 and we live in Mumbai,India.She has been on dosage of Wysolome and HCQS which are steroids.Her general health is detoriating and multiple issues like osteoarthritis,Cataracts,Severe skin conditions are taking place.
    Please guide if there is any high quality hospital in USA or a quality doctor who can guide us for some better line of treatment.I have heard that only in USA there is some quality treatment available which can increase the longevity of the patient with SLE.

    Shikhar Biswas
    [email protected]
  • cyndyvcyndyv Member New Member
    The Mayo Clinic is a good quality hospital.  So is Massachusetts General, UCLA, USFC, John Hopkins.
  • MaryJoMaryJo Member New Member
    I would recommend a teaching hospital.  They tend to have doctors that are open to new treatments and may also be involved in drug trials.  In fact, maybe search for drug trials and investigate those hospitals.
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