Getting a cold on methotrexate

Has anyone got any advice for having a cold with Lupus?  I feel terrible. I’m just waiting for my rhuemy to message me back but I just feel so poopy I thought I’d ask. Thanks! 


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    Hi katseglin! I empathize with you, having a cold with Lupus is no walk in the park. I'm roughly a month late replying to your topic, however, I hope my experience will provide you some insight on ways you can cope with having a cold...

    Things I do to combat a cold (in no particular order):
    • Take a rest - It's always good to rest your body and even more so when you're trying to fight off a cold.
    • Stay hydrated - Drinking a lot of fluids will help get rid of the germs while keeping your body hydrated. I usually stick with water but juice or tea is also fine if you prefer something with more flavor. My personal favorites (besides water) are apple juice, orange ginger tea, and mint tea!
    • Use a humidifier - I find that the steam from the humidifier really helps to loosen up any mucus that accumulates in my throat.
    • Staying positive - I don't know about you, but keeping a positive attitude is a must for me. Reminding myself that I've been through some of my hardest battles and still came out of them alive and victorious makes me feel better. I'm not a force to be reckoned with!
    • Having a good laugh - You know that saying "Laughter is the best medicine"? Well, it won't make the cold go away but I find that it helps. Laughing keeps my spirits up while keeping me entertained as I'm resting. So I say laugh it up! Watch your favorite movie or TV show. Read your favorite book or if you're like me, watch your favorite YouTubers!
    I apologize if this is a lot to read but I hope this helps you!

    Stay strong.

    From a fellow lupus warrior,

    Crystal Jayne
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