Work and Lupus

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Hi everyone, 

I have heard that every case is different, however I am wondering how many people with lupus work? Have you found any healthcare - science specific occupations that work well with lupus? How do you work with lupus or do you not? If you do not work, when did you know it was time to quit working?

Thank you for all of the support and comments!


  • AdrianaDSAdrianaDS Member New Member
    Hi! I am quite ambitious, so I did law school while I worked at a law firm. I just graduated and have been working full time since June. It's not been easy but I love my job. I have some issues with the light but asked to be changed to another desk and have been good. The thing I need to keep reminding myself is not to stress (most of the times it doesn't work because of the nature of my job but I do what I can :)). I guess you should listen to your body and make the decision in this regard.
  • Purplefaith13Purplefaith13 Member New Member
    Definitely every case is different.  Lupus for 20yrs..
    Diagnosed in college.. I have worked as a RN for 17yrs...  Poor immune system and sick people...imagine that.. But the disease force you to learn your body, listen to your doesn't lie..when it say no... It means it..  I have had times where I had to leave jobs due to stress...stress equals FLARE..   As I got older, I learned to put my health first... I now work in an office.. Still,treating patients just over the phone☺.  Learnyourself!
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    I'm a 56 year old truck driver. I was diagnosed 5 years ago. In the past few weeks the arthritis has me wondering what to do all I've done for the past 35 years is drive. Lately I've thought of disability and I'm Not sure if that is the right choice. Not really sure what I'm expecting to get from this. I guess it's just a bit of venting. God bless and comfortable rest to everyone.
  • MsLaMasonMsLaMason Member New Member
    I have struggled with work and have been forced to leave jobs only to feel like a failure. Recently, I have missed 1 week out of every month since September and most recently I have been out since the first week of January and will continue to be while I combat a serious infection and face surgery. It is difficult.  I think it may be time to find something that allows me to work when I am well and rest when I need but finding that is hard. I too am open to suggestions.
    Everyone is different and the disease can change. There was a time worked full time as a CEO while raising 3 children and managed my disease well.  That just isn't the case at this time. 
    I wish you all the best. and much health and success!

  • kmonterokmontero Member New Member
    I am a classroom teacher and have been for 25 years. I was diagnosed six years ago but I realized pretty quickly that I needed to work to keep my insurance and keep me active. During summer vacation I just want to sleep and be lazy. For me working is a must. 
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