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I have Lived in Texas, Washington, California, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and now Florida.  When I was 23 Texas DoctorS thought I might have Lupus. It has been questioned in all these States, all Said I have autoimmune diseases.  No one will confirm what are they, except for one Dr Petri at John Hopkins in Balitamore Maryland. I left in 2009 to Florida now back to finding a Doctor to treat me for any.
Hopkins said I have Lupus my ANA is Dual Positive, was treated for 12 years.
I am not confident in the Doctor I see and have seen 4 others in my town area Naples Florida. 
Now I am 67 and this all started in 1973 now 2018. I am left with having the flowing condition: SLE, Chronic Fatigue and Pain, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Spinal Fusions Cervical and Lumbar total Fusion, Memory problems, Osteoporosis, Myofacia,
Fibromyalgia, Raynaud phenomenon, Scleroderma in Small bowel. All Where Dio

No Hope of Finding A Doctor in Naple, Florida Area😢.

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