Is Benlysta a good treatment for Lupus?

christalmarieechristalmariee Member New Member
My rehumotologist has recomended this treatment for me. I know little about it and was hoping to get positive feedback. 

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  • christalmarieechristalmariee Member New Member
    I started the Benlysta a month ago and so far so good. We’ll see how it goes.
  • lizapplelizapple Member New Member
    I am supposed to be starting Benlysta this month and the doctor says it’s sippos to help relieve my joint pain and inflammation. 
  • KellyJoTnKellyJoTn Member New Member
    Everyone is different when it comes to medication and symptoms. I can’t and wouldn’t take a chemo base drug or steroids. Just do with what I have and can. 
  • lizapplelizapple Member New Member
    I started Benlysta in January and I read that it takes at least 28 days to start working. I feel the same to be honest because I’ve only had 3 doses. I inject weekly. I do know that you have to continue take your other lupus medication is order for it work. 
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