Young Adults Living With Lupus

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Hi All - I've been living with Lupus since I was diagnosed at 18 years old. I am currently 25 and am fortunate enough to be living with mild symptoms over the years of a total lifestyle adjustment. Diet changes, sleep pattern changes, an overall more holistic approach to life. These changes alone have left me feeling isolated from my peers and the 20s community - adding on the pain and discomfort from the disease leaves me feeling like a total outcast. 

I've been searching and hoping to find peers within my age group to befriend and talk to living with the same (or similar) disease. Major fatigue, hair loss, joint paint are an upside symptom to organ failure, but still incredibly limiting and difficult to communicate with my friends/peers. I'd love to talk to someone going through this similar journey. Any other young adults battling with Lupus out there? 

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    Hi Lauren! I completely understand what you’re going through!

    I’m 27 and living in the city and it’s hard to be in your 20’s and go through this kind of life change. I too have struggled with major changes in my life style. One of the things I find irritating is not being able to drink (I take methotrexate) and drinking is part of a primary social activity in your 20s... 

    i also try a holistic approach but I have pretty moderate/severe rheumatoid/inflammation so I am forced to take medication. Besides that, I eat a healthy, gluten free diet and removing gluten has improved my symptoms tremendously. 

    My journey to diagnosis made me lose faith in parts of the medical society, it was a long road. Shortly after diagnosis I had a flare so severe that I couldn’t walk or leave my fourth floor walk up for 2 weeks. I felt so isolated and alone. I haven’t had many flares in the last year but when I do, I usually can’t walk or move my left arm. 

    Hope other twenty somethings can relate 💛
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    Completely understand I’m 24 and recently got diagnose two months ago... they have me on plaquenil and I’ve been dealing with chest pains joints pain lots of hair loss !! Good to ding people that understands .. 
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    I will say I habe almost the same struggle. I was diagnosed in my sixteens. A lot had to change for me at a early age and it wasn’t easy. Today I have 23 soon to be 24 in December and I still live with the struggle and the changes. It’s not been easy to find good friends who understands and supports my situation but I don’t let it stop me from what I have to do to be healthy. 
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    I was also diagnosed at 18 years old, the week before I moved into college - a college 8 hours away from home and anyone I know. I honestly had no idea how difficult this diagnosis would be for me, I had never even heard of lupus before I was told I have it! I am 20 now and still in college but finding it more and more difficult to keep up with my peers. My symptoms also include major fatigue; joint swelling, pain, and weakness; facial swelling; occasional skin rashes; Raynaud's phenomena; and lots of "brain fog." I have been on Plaquenil since I was diagnosed and honestly feel like the only symptom it helps with is the fatigue. Anyway, looking back now I realize that my symptoms probably started when I was 15. Hair loss was the first thing I noticed but had no idea what it meant, then came the fatigue and Raynaud's phenomena. I hated going to the doctor but my mother kept dragging me from one to the other because she knew something wasn't right. It took three years before anybody had an answer for me! I know you guys understand how frustrating that is, so I'm glad to have this forum. Lupus sucks, but it's nice to know we're not alone in it.
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    Hi! I'm 24 and was diagnosed at 17 so I totally understand what all of you are saying. For me the toughest part was before and right after I was diagnosed because I couldn't do anything so I grew apart form my high school friends and I regret it so much! But I have learned to every now and then do crazy stuff that, sure I regret the next morning when I fell bad, but it makes me fell less of an outcast. However, sometimes my body does not cooperate and is difficult to find people that understand it, I think it's great finding people who go through the same, or similar, stuff. To be honest I don't know any other person my age with lupus!
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    Hey girl I am also 25 and lupus has completely changed my life as well! I totally understand where you are coming from with it being isolating. My lupus has become a lot worse over the past year and a half and has forced me (not by choice!) to modify my lifestyle further than what was already implemented. I too share the same symptoms however also severe neurological symptoms which as you know in our 20's makes a huge impact on our life! I found that joining some lupus groups and signing up to volunteer with these organizations really connects you. Totally understand where you're coming from you are not alone!
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    Hello All! I am 25 years old and I was diagnosed with lupus on May 26, 2016. I was always sick as a child and my first symptoms at age 11 were chronic rashes all over my entire body. It felt like something was biting me, skin felt like it was on fire, and it would last for months. I was also always sensitive to the sun and always tired. These rashes would come and go and I would just go to the ER and get steroid shots to get relief because nothing helped. Finally at age 21 I went to see an allergist/immunologist to see if these rashes were caused by allergies.  Results came back and he said I had a positive ANA and it was 1:640 and that I should see a rheumatologist. It took forever to get in to the specialty clinic, and then finally two years later the rheumatologist said "I'm sorry, you have lupus and you have to live a boring life." I still struggle on some days with the diagnosis and I cry about it. People assume I am ok, like friends, family, coworkers. But I don't feel good 70% of the time! Joint pain, fatigue, rashes, headaches, brain fog, and digestive issues are better than having major organ involvement, but it isn't easy. Do you ever get over it and just accept it? I get really sad about it some days. On the bright side,  I live a fun life and have a good support system! I love going to music festivals and travelling. Lupus has slowed me down, but it hasn't stopped me! 
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