Idk what to do

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Since the year began I've started feeling bad,I get tired a lot quicker than I used to,my head hurts a lot,I've hair lose,the zone of the kidneys hurts,the color of my nails are more palid from what they used to be and a lot of rashes on my skin appeared during the year.
Sometimes the simptoms go away for an hour/s or even a day or other times only some of them stays (the intensity of them changes also sometimes)
I'm scared because if I have Lupus it's very hard to get diagnosed and also I'm very young,idk how I would affront it.
If you could talk to me about your esoerience or your ioinopi with this I would be very grateful.
By the way I speak English and Spanish.


  • santisanti Member New Member
    Hi Miriam,
    First of all lupus is nothing to be scared off. before worrying about how to handle everything you need to get tasted and get diagnosed.
    I have been living with lupus for two years now and I can honestly tell you it was hard dealing with it at first but once you have all the information and get treatments it gets better.
    you just have to have a positive set of mind and have support and research and talk with your doctor.

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