team for lupus nephritis - optimistic!!!

soninsonin Member New Member
I was diagnosed a month ago with lupus nephritis state 4 and I started treatment last week with prednisone, dolquine and mifenax. In addition to the rest of medication to "avoid" side effects. I am positive and energetic so far....but I'm afraid of my mind in the near future. someone who can support this state with a positive attitude and focalize  togeteher the day after day without thinking about what may happen in the future? let's go Team!


  • suzannesangisuzannesangi Member New Member
    Hello Sonin, 
    I was diagnosed with Lupus nephritis class 4 last month and I just finished my third cycle of endoxan. It's been hard, especially the last one where I overdosed on my medication, developed rheumatoid arthritis and some sort of viral infection that gave me intense body chills, shaking. But this week has been incredibly healing for me! I've been eating and sleeping well and writing about my pain and the healing that followed, and the way it has strengthened my love and relationship with family, and how my faith had grown after feeling like I nearly died! I am so much stronger and sending so much good energy and healing your way!
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