Lupus shrinking lung disease activity and exercise difficulty

leanonmeleanonme Member New Member
I am curious if anyone else has been diagnosed with Lupus shrinking lung disease? If so how do you stay positive when it’s difficult to breathe even being on oxygen 24/7? How do you work out when even riding a stationary bike is exhausting? I have back fractures from 18 years non stop steroid use and lots of immunosuppressants. Exercise is difficult!! 


  • reillyreilly Member New Member
    Just curious; do you get nodules like junk in your lungs?
     Have you checked to see if long term steroids has affected your body’s ability to make it naturally? 
    Or been sent to PT? 
    Try swimming as easier on back fractures. 
    I’m sorry 
  • Monica_cherieMonica_cherie Member New Member
    Hi I have shrinking lung syndrome or so the doctors say I do. I just took a 10 week course on the types of exercises I can do. They are all theraband exercises, so very low impact. I am on oxygen 24/7. My instagram is the same as my username. Look me up, I am really interested in getting to know others who have the shrinking lung along with Lupus. 😊
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