I think I have Lupus but my parents don't believe me

harendharend Member New Member
I was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2010 and only have had episodes 3 times.
Since then I went into high school and began having bad joint pain in my knees. This pain is sharp and sometimes won't go away with medication. Keep in mind I'm an athlete but I know the difference between muscle strains and deep bone pain. I also have horrible migraines which leave me taking Maxalt on the occasion, sometimes this isn't strong enough to take care of it. I have also experienced hair loss from anxiety but I believe it also had another cause. Please Help me find out whats wrong. 


  • LKC629LKC629 Member New Member
    Have your doctor refer you to a rheumatologist for a review of your symptoms. Write them down and take them with you. He or she will also order up specific blood tests, plus a DNA analysis to confirm your suspicions. Also, inform the rheumatologist of any OTC (over the counter) meds and pain products, herbal remedies, vitamins and mineral supplements you take. This is necessary information as some cause adverse side effects when combined with prescription medications. Your rheumatologist will monitor your progress on the meds. I have SLE lupus and take Plaquenil for the bone and joint pain. It works very well and I have not encountered any unpleasant side effects. 
  • Iam4lifeIam4life Member New Member
    Hang in there!  As an athlete, I hope your doctors believe you.  
    Take pictures, and find a doctor who believes you.  Read and educate yourself.  It could be 1 of many issues. I found my first help 5 years earlier than my diagnosis from a sports injury orthopedic surgeon, who diagnosed a Baker cyst that erupted.  The doctor was also in my yoga class.  He said it really seems like something systematic.  And that was my first clue!  Be true to yourself.  Enjoy life and take care of your body and soul.  Your parents don't want you to be unhealthy, that's probably why they are denying your epifiny.

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