Lupus Warrior

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My name is Lizelle Tayler

I was diagnosed with SLE on the 5th June 2018

I decided to go to the doctor because all my joints started swelling and it became so painful that I couldn't walk. 

At first the doctor said that it's rheumatic atheritis but second and third doctor confrimed that is was definitely and autoimmune disease called Lupus. I was admitted into hospital immediately. 

After 2 days they discovered that there was 2 blood cloths on my left lung due to lupus,  because in hospital i had some chest pain. I was immediately sent to high care for 3 days. They put me on warfarin since then.... 

I was released from hospital on the 12th June 2018..... 

The fatigue and swelling of my body something that I struggle with.... 
My senses are affected as well and some dark black spots have developed on my toung.... Having physical strength is not easy.. Considering that I am a very strong and active woman.

It has been about two weeks now and i wish that i can wake up tomorrow and it's all just a dream. 

But it's not just a dream... I had to just come to the reality of what is happening to me.

Everything is just so new to me It's quite over whelming, especially with medications, blood tests and finances. 

I know that there is a light at the end of this dark tunnel. 

I have been surviving by my faith In Jesus this far, I know that God can heal us. I know that there is hope and healing. I can't see it now. But I know that it's out there. 

This is my story
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