Swollen lymphnodes?

awilkinsawilkins Member New Member
I can only presume swollen lymphnodes are par for the course with lupus (symptoms since 2013...diagnosed in 2017). So, the unusual mass under my breast is likely just that according to my PCM. However they sent me out for a needle point biopsy, which came back negative; but, the oncologist wants to have a few lymphnodes surgically removed to confirm using a larger area. I'm finally feeling better than I have in years...I'm not keen on the idea of being cut on and possibly exacerbating issues I'm finally getting under control. What say You? 


  • Jewels428Jewels428 Member New Member
    I had a spinal fusion in 2013, two weeks into recovery I became very ill,developed pancreatitis that lasted for 6 months. Needless to say the pancreatitis was from Lupus and that began my battle with this awful disease.Surgery can cause a flare and should be avoided unless it is unavoidable. I get the swollen lymph nodes all the time too, have since diagnosis. Usually begins a infection that requires antibiotics. Best of luck in choosing what is best for you!  
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