Missing my only cousin.

pattyannpattyann Member New Member
I lost my only cousin on my dad's side, to SLE. She was 65and had been I'll since 14. She cut off contact because all relatives in our state knew her children were adopted.  Her children didn't know.  It was never a secret when she had to bury another stillborn baby and my grandmother told all of us when she and her husband were able to adopt out of their own state. Her health was considered to be too bad to adopt. . She lived in a neighboring state from us. 
     Autoimmune disease is rampant in our family. I have had symptoms for many years and negative testing to the genetic level. I'm concerned a mixed connective tissue disease . More probably a genetic orthopedic syndrome as more problems seem to be linked.  I'd like to know as a granddaughter has been born with my sacral dimple and birthmark but my situation is much more complicated than just.  I no longer have a rheumatologist .
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