How to know if you got already the symptoms

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  • GabbiieGabbiie Member New Member
    Somebody can help me ?
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    Check with your primary doctor, he/she can refer you to specialist/rheumatologist.

    Lupus is very hard to diagnose as it mimics many other diseases.

    Common signs of Lupus:

      *   Rash (butterfly rash)

      *   Painful and swollen joints

      *   Unexplained fever

      *   Chest pain with deep breathing

      *   Swollen glands

      *   Extreme fatigue

      *   Unusual hair loss

      *   Sores in the mouth or nose

      *   Pale or purple fingers or toes from      cold  or stress

      *   Sensitivity to the sun

      *   Depression, trouble thinking and          or memory problems

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    Ditto what JM said I had every single one of those symptoms (except sores in the mouth) plus kidney failure and a pulmonary embolism before I was finally diagnosed.  If I could save someone else the stress and pain by sharing more story and what I've learned, I will do it at every chance I get. 
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    I don't have a rash on my face... but every other symptom is on point with how i've felt the past 7 years. is the butterfly rash a MUST for diagnosing Lupus? I really want to figure out what is going in my body! I am so miserable and to be honest, it's getting exhausting. 
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