michellemichelle Member New Member
Does exposure to sun cause rashes every time out in it? And what other symptoms would it cause?


  • MicheleSMicheleS Member New Member
    My rash only gets bad in winter. It's weird since they say sun exposure makes it flair. Not me. 
  • dawnzer76dawnzer76 Member New Member
    Time in the sun will definitely make my rash worse, but I agree with MicheleS, mine is often bad in the winter too. The sun also causes fatigue and pain for me if I'm out in it too long.  
  • JMJM Member New Member
    Exposure to Sun causes me to get really fatigue and achy through all my body towards the end of the day. The sun also makes my my skin red and the feeling that I have when I'm in the Sun or I'm driving and the sun is hitting me I get shortness of breath, and I also feel like my skin is burning from the inside out.

  • Berna2Berna2 Member New Member
    My name is Bernadette and I currently have a severe rash caused by lupus.While the doctors are doing their best to find a cure,  I just want to say that the healer is Jesus  and that's where our focus should be. There is no disease that is incurable  and the word of God tells us that  by the  stripes of Jesus we were healed. I believe the word of God above all else and I thank God for my healing.
  • wwild1wwild1 Member New Member
    I too thank God for everyday I wake up. I open my eyes-glossed over right now- and I thank Him! My foundation is strong. That helps a lot. 
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