cb0808cb0808 Member New Member
Lupus is a strange beast. 
I'm sick and always and forever tired but I'm not as sick as other people and it makes me feels guilty. 
Its an odd thing. 
I also have a pretty great support system and lately I've been seeing more and more people that dont. 
The guilt is sometimes heavier than the fatigue. 


  • BizzyBizzy Member New Member
    I understand how you feel.   My symptoms are normally very mild.  At one time I joined a support group but I stopped going because of the guilt.

    I don't beat myself up about it though.  I just do what I can through donations and walks to support research and help those that need it.

  • JMJM Member New Member
    You should not feel guilty, it is actually good if you go to a support group and others who are not doing very well see you and see that lupus can be controlled. That will give them hope that they will get better as well.

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