False ANA?

MLMMLM Member New Member
Is it possible to have lupus but not test positive for ANA?  


  • marivanmarivan Member New Member
    Yes, it is. I've been to so many doctors, some believed there was nothing wrong with me, because I put on a brave face, to the public and won't show how I'm suffering. Then, to make matters worse, my ANA's don't always come out positive. Yet, three doctors, have confirmed I do have Lupus. It has gotten worse, in the last few years, but I try to remain as positive as I can, keep my stress down, (which isn't always possible) and try to eat healthy, as much as possible, (except for a weakness for ice cream, lol). I exercise, riding my bike, as much as 7 days a week, use my Gazelle and listen to my body when it starts to complain. I won't give up, but I must do what I can to live with this situation, the very best way, I can. I wish you all the very best and have all Lupus sufferers, in my prayers, every night.
  • BorealisBorealis Member New Member
    I had two negative Ana tests. One in 2013 and then again in 2014 or 2015. After my pcp kept finding signs of lupus (kidneys, hives, fatigue), he kept searching for an answer. In 2016 I saw the reumathologist and that's when the Ana (adna to be more specific), came out positive. Boy was it positive. I had lupus nefritis level 4 and tested positive for antiphospholipid syndrome (comes with lupus and it is when your blood clots or coagulates too much, too fast). 
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    Yep. I have SLE and was diagnosed with a positive ANA. Once I was on Plaquenil and Imuran for a while, I tested negative and then positive again. 
  • EMEM Member New Member
    I believe it is possible to have Lupus and have a negative ANA, you can also have a positive ANA and not have Lupus. I have two sisters with Lupus and another without Lupus but with a positive ANA. 
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