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  • Angel9Angel9 Member New Member
    I have been diagnosed as of about a year ago. It was a rough time and a rough long road to this diagnosis. The diagnosis was hard to hear, and the uncertainty about my health was so scary. I have had a lot of symptoms for years, but they had been overlooked. My doctor ran an ana and it was positive with the pattern for systemic lupus. It explained the unexplained rashes, pleurisy coming out of nowhere, fevers, swollen joints, malar rash, hair loss, and low platelets. I was also having sun sensitivity problems and some other issues I didn't even know were even related to lupus. I was previously told it was ra without a rheumatoid factor due to some high inflammatory bloodwork in the past, and my rheumatologist now says that it was likely seronegative lupus or uctd, undifferentiated connective tissue disease, that developped into the lupus all along. I've suffered for years and have had so many tests. He re ran to ana and it was positive again eight months later. I was told it was at the exact same levels and patterns as the last one. I've been on plaquenil for about a year now consistently taking it and it is helping a lot. I have fibromyalgia as well as lupus, so I have a lot of pain. That's my story.
  • PaolaHenaoPaolaHenao Member New Member
    Hi. My name si Paola, I'm 27 years old. I'm from Colombia and live in Medellín. Last month I was diagnosed with Lupus, and justo become to learn about this topic and all the posibilities to stay healthy and increase Quality of life. Grettings! 😊
  • tenilletenille Member New Member
    Hi there! I was just diagnosed last week, and thought it would be good if I can find forums/support groups to learn more from others experiences, as well as connect with others with the same disease. I hope to gain a lot of insight through this website! Hope everyone is well. 
  • WaraWara Member New Member
    Hi, I read that article and..... I have problemas from 4 years ago.
    Sometimes I forgot my words, pictures, food
    But now I can't speak well 
    All the time I'm busy 
    I can't write simple words or I forgot how do. 
    I don't know if I have the Lupus

    I don't know what believe
  • TJohnson9189TJohnson9189 Member New Member
    I truly look forward to talking with other’s who have been effected by Lupus.
  • fifichavezfifichavez Member New Member
    Hi! I am Fifi and I am a Lupus warrior! I have SLE since 2006. Nice to know that there is a community like this that supports patients like us. thank you for this! 
  • jennie_huntjennie_hunt Member New Member
    Thanks for giving me this opportunity, I like your style that how you describe it.
  • shapoorji123shapoorji123 Member New Member
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  • LambdaSigmaSigmaLambdaSigmaSigma Member New Member
    Hi fellow Lupus Warriors!
  • mahamaha Member New Member
    Why i m the one with lupus ? I always thought this
    now i answer myself i m lupus warrior to be more strong , to accept every fault and live it with dignity 
    now i own my fatigue , i try to tell lupus no you can't take me down ✅
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