Nausea from my lupus meds

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Any suggestion as to how to deal with the constant nausea from my meds?

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  • torriejeantorriejean Member New Member
    The nausea can be horrible for the first several months.🤢 Zoltan became my best friend for a while. Just keep with it and for sure speak with your doctor as they can remcommend lowering your dose and then tittering up as your body adjusts to it. 💜🙏🏻💜
  • SofijaBgSofijaBg Member New Member
    Trying to take your meds after breakfast, also warm lemonade in the morning helped me. My nausea depends mainly on dose of corticosteroids. Also, pantoprazole is a must, 40mg every morning.
  • lisa82lisa82 Member New Member
    What do you take for your lupus? So grab helps when I'm nauseas .
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