New labs show low glucose, high creatinine and low eGFR (serum)

kitokito Member New Member
I am 56 and have had mild lupus for many years with positive ANA and mainly joint pain and myalgia and fatigue.  I was also diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis with ulcers in my mid-twenties which I manage pretty well.  My labs are usually all good except for the occasional UTI and a bout of kidney stones.  My last labs came back with low glucose (non-fasting) 61 with normal range of 65-139, high creatinine 1.10 with normal range of 0.5-1.03, and low eGFR 59 with normal range of >/= 60.  My urinalysis was normal except for appearance which was cloudy.  BUN is normal. My labs posted yesterday but I have not heard back from my doctor yet.  I am nervous that I have all of a sudden developed kidney involvement.  Any insight would be great.
Thank you!
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