Hair loss from lupus

sherrell310sherrell310 Member New Member
I’m  losing so much hair it’s becoming very disheartening. Anyone with lupus dealing with hair loss? If so what are things you’ve done to help with it 


  • sino711sino711 Member New Member
    I have also dealt with hair loss so I can understand the feelings behind it. I found using shampoos and conditioners with peppermint and tea tree oil helped. I also used olive oil, jojoba oil, babassu oil, mango butter and kokoum butter and massaged it into my scalp. I took hair vitamins with extra biotin, as well as getting triamcinolone acetide from my dermatologist. It’ll take some time to take effect but I have a full head of hair again. Hope these things can help you as well 😁
  • lartislartis Member New Member

    If taking methotrexate, it is critical that a person take folate. If your doctor doesn’t order that, too, ask about it. That influences hair loss.

    Also when I was losing my hair by the hands full, my dermatologist had me take Viviscal along with Biotin. I was to take it for six months. Viviscal is a vitamin supplement. Though I continue to take the Biotin and I have only repeated the Viviscal when myself losing hair excessively. 

    Viviscal is rather expensive and can be found at most drug stores but I found it to be cheapest at Amazon.

    The combo helped me immensely. My hair ultimately grew back and I now have a full head of hair. Of course, I still have lupus so I still lose some hair and that’s why I still take Biotin. It seems to help me keep up with the loss. 

    I hope this helps

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