Lupus or Fibromyalgia?

Rmreed71Rmreed71 Member New Member
Hi. I'm a 51yr old newbie to this site hoping for help!  I'm on my 3rd Rheumatologist and she has recently diagnosed me with Lupus, previously diagnosed with RA. I've been on numerous meds that haven't helped. My ANA is positive but my blood work for most part is normal and no rash except for itching mostly on hands that once in a while looks like a very small blister that has opened.  I've had joint and muscle pain for 3 yrs. Hands, feet, shoulders, hips, elbows and now upper legs. I deal with extreme fatigue and headaches. My hair has gone thru spurts of sufficient thinning.  I had pleurisy about 1 year ago and 2 mini strokes in March 2022. I have no underlying conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, over weight etc. They assume the strokes were caused by the Auto Immune disease. My Dr. Said she now believes that I have SLE and has me on Mycophenolic Acid, Hydroxycloriquine, and I take Pregabalin for small fiber neuropathy. I'm not feeling any better.  I'm frustrated like all others with Auto Immune disease but I want to make sure I'm being treated for right thing and not taking unneeded meds. I saw a rheumatologist at the start of the 3 years that quickly diagnosed Fibromyalgia....I often wonder if he was right.  If anyone has any insight, I welcome all suggestions or advice. Thanks all, be safe, healthy as allowed and live each day to its fullest.
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