Introduce myself, I’m new.

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Hi all! 
I’m a 47 year old mom to three boys. 10 years ago I went through the ringer with doctors trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Had a bad case of pleurisy. Doctors landed on Sjögren’s syndrome and that was that. 

I finally found a new rheumatologist and she informed me that I have all the markers for lupus. And now here I sit suffering from the same symptoms I did ten years ago. I guess we’d call that a flare up. I had a good run with no pain. But here we are. Deep breaths are painful and a potential sneeze is agonizing yay for allergy season!! Jk.

 Anyhoo, found my way here. Not super positive I have a definite diagnosis of lupus. Pleurisy is my one and only symptom. Unless I can blame my laziness on being tired all the time. but this seems to be the right place for me to be. 


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    Hi, I,too, am new. I believe I have pleurisy now along with IGD a rare form indicator of lupus. No fun,huh? Did your rheumatologist prescribe any meds? i.e prednisone, Plaquenil. methotrexate? Which tests were done? Wishing you more insight and better monitoring and solutions. Doezs anybody come to these sites,I wonder.
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    I am new too! Between 2008 and 2010 I was faithfully going to a rheumatologist who believed I had Lupus. Not all indicators but terrible pain, butterfly rash on the face. I burned that with a dermatologist and quit taking hydroquinone. Seemed my lupus had considerably slowed down if anything.
    I am now going to doctors for other reading. I have osteoporosis and emphysema and this lung doctor asked me about hair loss, pulmonitis, joint pains, excessive itch and eczema. All of which I have. He sent me for Lupus / scleroderma/ RA testing (Tuesday). At the 2008 / 2010 family affairs I had 1:320 ANA with a nucleolar pattern. Should I be worried that I might really have a self immune disease?
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    I am new also. My first name is Thomas but I go by, “TOM”. So I use it as an acronym for, “ToughOldMan”
    I was diagnosed with lupus about a year ago. I’m in the midst of documenting the fact that it was drug induced lupus. I was taking MiraLAX®️, a brand name selling polyethylene glycol 3350. Perrigo®️ also sells polyethylene glycol 3350. I’ve been given both. It says on both types, “Do not take more than seven days, unless otherwise advised by your doctor”. My gerontologist had me take it for nine months and then had to double up on it but my ENT doctor told me that my dry eyes nose and mouth might be due to an autoimmune disease. He gave me an ANA blood test and sent me to an rheumatologist immunologist. (Spelling?) Anyway it was confirmed that I had lupus. I asked for a copy of my records and found comments, by about three doctors, that said the dry eyes, nose, and throat might’ve been caused by the polyethylene glycol 3350. I stopped taking polyethylene glycol 3350 and the symptoms aren’t quite as bad, but that could be because of the medicine, my immunologist is giving me. I don’t quite fit the picture of the kind of people that seem to get Lupus. Mostly younger, women, & not Caucasian. I’m, ”older than dirt”, 85 years old, a man, and a white Caucasian. nevertheless, I’m not your typical old man. My wife passed away while we had two toddlers that I raised. My Disabled daughter had children and I pretty much raise them too. A lot has happened to me. I got TBI and PTSD and have been exposed to a lot of radiation in the Air Force.
    I tend to be a little wordy. Please forgive me. It’s called logorrhea. One of my heroes is my neurologist, who healed my badly severed nerves in my brain. After over 40 years of migraines, and an unbelievable, faith, healing, and regrown brain, nerves, I felt like Rip van Winkle, but he only slept 20 years. I was out of it for 40 years, and feared being put into a mental institution. Now I am so happy I can’t stop talking about it. Maybe I should write a book. Maybe I just started chapter 1.
    Thank you if you read this far.
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