Forgive me, I'm new! 😅

Hello to everyone! Please forgive me, I'm not really sure where to post what yet on here! I beg your forgiveness if this is the wrong place to do this, and welcome any insight or suggestions on where, what, how to go about this! 🙏
My name is David. I am 46, living in Long Beach, CA. I was an audio engineer in Nashville, TN for years before moving out here to take care of my mother. She was diagnosed with Lupus in 2004. 
I learned firsthand how deceptive Lupus can be, and frustrating doesn't begin to describe the torment she went thru trying to explain to everyone (myself included) how she was feeling! Doctors didn't really know what to do, I sometimes wondered if she was becoming a hypochondriac, and she would go in and out of remission, to the point of I hesitantly admitting, thinking a lot of it was in her head! I guess, in a strange way, a positive thing happened in 2015, something that would open my eyes and show me firsthand exactly what she was dealing with; after multiple unusual ailments and physical limitations, and many doctor visits, I, too, was diagnosed with Lupus. 
While I don't wish it upon anyone, I am grateful in the sense that I was able to be understanding, patient, and much more aware of what she was going through. And for the first time, I saw relief in her eyes, knowing that her son understood her struggle, even though it pissed her off that I had it! Lol
I lost her a little over a month ago, and it has been hell. I'm unable to work full time, going through this, that, and the other STILL concerning the legal proceedings of losing someone, and my finances have depleted. I guess you could say that I'm currently in remission, but while I am able to work as often as possible, COVID has hit this region hard, so it's not as plentiful as before. 
I have never had to do anything like this before, and I have to be point blank honest, I'm embarrassed. Having a son who lives here with me, everything else I just mentioned, and then some, I'm struggling. My rent is almost 2 months behind, utilities, etc..., I just want to have some normalcy and put a nice dinner on the table for Thanksgiving, you know?! It's hard, knowing my mother isn't going to be here for it this year, and there are no local resources that have been helpful, because when I am able to work, it's "above the parameters" or "only for homeless or mentally ill". Again, the frustration of Lupus! They don't know that we can have a place to live or whatever and still struggle! It IS a disease! The DSM IV Physicians manual classifies an illness having to possess these three characteristics to be classified as a disease: chronic, progressive, fatal. Is that not Lupus?!?! But, the local resources of California don't seem to view it that way.
Anyhow, again, forgive me this, as it is not in my nature, nor do I even like one bit having to do this, but I'm asking for help, and by the grace of God, found this site! I don't know where else?!?! I will attach a couple of links following this message, should anyone possibly be able to help with any amount. I can assure you that this is a temporary roadblock on a permanent journey to overcoming and prospering over this medical condition! I will carry on what my mother wished for, and help learn, share, and spread the truth and information and facts about Lupus, and I believe that together in solidarity, we can build hope, courage, and strength to rise above our difficulties, and develop widespread awareness and seriousness about our conditions! God bless you all, thank you for reading and letting me share, forgive me for seeming like a beggar, and know that my mother and family and I couldn't be more grateful and loving for EVERYONE here, and those who are the same, but just haven't found this community yet! I will definitely be actively involved with anything I can on here, will share the site with others I know that have Lupus, and just as my name on here states, I KNOW there is hope through solidarity! Together, we will be victor! God bless you! ❤️

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