Am I having lupus related seizures?

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Do I have seizures or something else related to Lupus?

I’m 20 and I was diagnosed almost a year ago with lupus, but I can’t figure out if these episodes I’ve been having are related to lupus. 

For almost two years I’ve been having these episodes once or twice a month where my whole body stiffens especially my left side (I can’t squeeze my hands or move much), I’m extremely confused, I stare into space, I’m unable to understand other people like the words get confused in my head, my heart speeds up, my face twitches sometimes, I’m nauseous, I drool, and if I’m exerting even a moderate amount of energy I “collapse” or faint and I’m so exhausted I can’t move for an extended period of time but I’m awake like I can hear everything. Before these episodes I often have a headache in the back of my neck and head. 

After these episodes I’m often nauseous and tingly on my left arm, hand, and back. Usually I can remember most parts of the episodes. 

I have had a CT scan and MRI during one of my first episodes over a year ago and showed no signs of a stroke. I have been to the ER several times for them and they don’t seem to have a concrete reason. One suggestion was hemiplegic migraines but that didn’t seem like the full answer. 

I was looking into seizures and that could seem to be an answer. I take 200 mg of hydroxychloroquine and 4 mg of prednisone and that doesn’t seem to affect these episodes at all. 

Any answers are appreciated!
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