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All of my joints hurt

Migraines - worse around light
Feet especially big toes are numb
Tired all the time
Heart feels like it’s racing when I do a small task
Cold sweats
Stomach pain / bloating
Nausea / throwing up
Hair and nails are brittle
Get confused randomly/ can’t remember anything 
Left side of chest hurts

ANA results: speckled, titer: 1:320

Histone antibodies: value - 3.7

First I was misdiagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis. I keep getting brushed off by doctors, and told that I don’t have an autoimmune disease. Okay cool, it’s not like I want to have one lol. But what the hell is wrong with me? I have medically withdrawn from my classes, I’m unable to work anymore, and I’m depressed. It seems like every doctor I see does not care. Can anyone give this a shot or suggestions?


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    Did they do an ENA test after the positive ANA? My blood work has always been only a positive ANA and low WBC and I was never helped.  Sadly I'm 66 years old now and had to live like this and gave up even complaining to the doctors.  I lost my career and was on medicaid for a long time.  Now I have a doctor that is pushing me to the rheumatologist but unless your labs are severe, the rheums won't help you, even if you are laying on the floor unconscious.  I also have Erythromelalgia in feet and hands...diagnosed myself and then showed pics to a neurologist who agreed I have it which is a lupus issue.  90% of the doctors are in it for the money so don't expect them to do any research to help you if the labs are not screaming LUPUS.
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