I have been on prednisone for 16 years. Plaquenil for 16 yrs. I now has IPF so I take Ofev. Going to start Rotuxin  to try and get my prednisone down as I have bone density issues now.
I got thrush / yeast infection bad 1.5 yrs ago. Never before. The dr. Said " medication is the cause."
I got it once more but now I always have "burning tongue" syndrome.
My mouth, tongue always has pain, bumps and extremely thirsty.

Their is medicine to help this.
It sucks


  • L00pyNanaL00pyNana Member New Member
    Hi Lchill07,
    I have the same symptoms as you. I had Burning Mouth Syndrome, several small mouth sores and one large one behind my bottom lip that looked like a small crater. I was referred to ENT and placed on an anti-fungal medicine. That cleared almost everything up and informed the ENT that it was Thrush. I now have refills that I take about every 6 weeks because it just keeps coming back! 
    I have been on Prednisone since 2008 or 09 as well as 3 different immunosuppressants. I currently take 1000mg if Cellcept. Plus Gabapentin, Trazadone, Amplodine (sp?) for esophageal spasms. I think that’s it Lol. My doc prescribed lidocaine which really helps.

    I hope you’re doing well,
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