Length of flare?

lupi1975lupi1975 Member New Member
I was diagnosed nine years ago and have not had a flare in several years. Last week I started feeling the tell tale signs of fatigue and pleuritic pain. Was put on a prednisone burst and overall feel better, but still feel “off”. Not sure if it is the prednisone or just being older with this flare, but I remember feeling much better after taking prednisone before and this time it is taking forever!  The pain in my chest is gone, but pain radiates to my right shoulder when I breath deep.  Anyone else experienced this?  How long have you experienced flare symptoms even after starting treatment?


  • LisaLisa Member New Member
    My flares usually only last 1-2 days. I know the main cause that triggers me is the sun, so I stay out of the direct sun.

  • slippbakkslippbakk Member New Member
    @lupi1975 I felt like you were telling my story. I was diagnosed with Sjögren’s syndrome 10 years ago. I just started with a new specialist and she told me I have all the markers for lupus. My symptoms certainly to explain that! I have been having a flair up of pleurisy as well. Painful just to breathe. It also radiates up to my shoulder as well. This has been on going for at least six weeks now. Finally got some anti inflammatories. Hoping that help. 
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