New Diagnosis and lots of questions

Mia213Mia213 Member New Member
I have to excuse for my english, I joined the forum from germany and I try my very best.

I am newly diagnosed with cutaneous lupus (ACLE) due to a skinbiopsy of a buttterfly rash. My appointment with a rheumatologist is in a month, but right now I have a lot of questions and I feel a bit alone wating for everything to continue. And there are symptoms like fatigue or pain while taking a deep breath which make me very nervous and impatient.

Is acute cutaneous lupus (ACLE) always connected to SLE?

How do you cope with fatigue ?

Do you have any tip for sun protection or routines to learn?

How do you treat the butterfly rash?

Is it possible to have an SLE with 1:1600 ANA (Ac-4) but every ENA (like AntidsDNS or AntiSM) negative?

Maybe I dont even need an answer here, but I just want to feel less alone with it and have the feeling of not being able to do anything until my next appointment with a doctor.

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