Understanding Lab results

Clairebear7284Clairebear7284 Member New Member
Hi everyone. 35 yr old female and I’ve got some interesting things going on. After 3 months of different rashes (including malar) and face swelling (especially around eyes) I finally went to a dermatologist. This all started after I got what I think was poison ivy (blistering). The derm visit was on the tail end of those 3 months and only had a new rash and hives on my legs. In any case, after looking at my photo log of the 3 months of rashes, he did bloodwork which was a positive ANA and high positive SSA antibody. Fast forward 3 months and I just got my additional bloodwork from the rheumatologist. Again positive Ana (1:320) and high positive SSA (over 30 positive and mine was 70). I have had not had any more rash or swelling episodes, just the malar rash that comes and goes and fleeting joint pain in my knees. Besides low vitamin d (23), all of the liver/kidney bloodwork was normal. He did mention that I had high thyroid antibodies (over 60 is positive and mine was over 400) and wants me to get a thyroid ultrasound. He said I do not have lupus NOW, but may have something autoimmune brewing. Is it always just a watch and see??
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