Posible Lupus diagnosis

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Hi all,

I’ve had high platelets for the past 20 years and have been living with primary Addison’s and hypothyroid for the past 27 years. I literally never feel good. I’ve been seeing a hematologist and she decided to run an ANA on me. 

CRP  9.7


DNA (ds) Ab, Crithidia IFA  POSITIVE 

Rheumatoid factor 14

SM  Antibody negative 

SM/RNP Antibody negative 

Sjogren’s Antibody  SS-A  4.1 POSITIVE

Sjogren’s Antibody  SS-B  negative 

SCL 70   negative 

ANA Titer <1:40     ANA pattern none detected 

DNA AB (DS) Crithidia TITER 1:40 TITER H (<1:10)

I know I definitely will be diagnosed with Sjogren’s, my mouth is  dry and peeling with inflamed gums.(can lupus cause the same mouth symptoms?).  I have noticed last year when I was in the sun a lot I had an uncontrolled itchy rash on my arms. Can high platelets also indicate lupus? I appreciate any feedback on my current blood work. Do you think I might have lupus? 

Thank you!

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