Hi guys! 
I am new to the disease lupus, 
5 months ago i gave birth to a sweet babygirl and While i was in labor the doctors asked me what those red tags in my face where coming from....i said i dont know so a month later the tags where geting bigger and red and thick so i went to the doctor and she didnt know what was going on with my face so she took pictures and sended to dermatologist and right away the derma sended me a letter with an apointment so i went to the apointment she imeadiatly said i think it is lupus do you know lupus and i was like...ehm no.
So she asked me how i feel and i told her i am very tired since my puberty and i get sick so often and my bones hurt so she did a biopt of my face and yes after 2 weeks 20 november i got the results she said it is lupus so they did all kinds of bloedtests and out of my tests are no symptoms of systematic lupus so i was so confused becouse all my bodysymptomes are the same as systematic lupus i tought finally i have the ansewer of how i feel so many years...so my derma sended me to the reumatologist and she said to me that i have to be aware that my skinlupus can go in to my body and that when my symptomes get worser i have to call imeadiatly ....i dont know if it is normal with LE that you have SLE symptomes too ? I am from Holland and here they are so weird they even didnt explain me how to take care with my lupus, now i have 2 different medicine for my face and every time i shower, are geting more red tags that itsch and are fading after 2 hours and when i have a flare in my face my whole face burns like i put my face in Fire and than my body is 38 degrees. I hope there are more here in the comunitie that has the same problem as me :( i wish everyone a good and healty new year and hope God give you all the straight to keep fighting 
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