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Hi All, 
I am new abs haven’t even been fully diagnosed. My ANA was seriously high , and I’ve got all kinds of symptoms, but I’m not so crazy about my PCP and she has referred me to a Rheumatologist, but my appointment isn’t until April 14! They said they will call if anyone cancels, but I’m worried about waiting so long.
Any advice?

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    Hi! So I have had lupus probably a majority of my life undiagnosed- I'm 18 and was diagnosed 3 years ago. If you are experiencing fatigue and chronic pain, which are one of my biggest symptoms- here are some techniques:
    - Workout. A life saver actually. You do not need to go to a gym - there is an active pandemic. However, anything you do that deals with active exercise for about 40 mins a day really does help with the pain. I used to strength train precorona, and I got hooked.
    - Self care days. I know that life right now is especially stressful. Work, children, family problems- can all be difficult times in anyones life- but when you have an autoimmune disease it affects you more on the body more than the average person. Take one day out of the week and literally do nothing. Maybe take a really warm bath and just relax- your body needs that break. 
    - Literally jump out of bed. Usually it takes me about 10 minutes to get out of bed because I feel so groggy and my joints hurt- and the stiffness lasts for about an hour. What I've noticed though, if I literally jump out of bed and do my morning routine and kind of rush around- it really wakes you up. Keep yourself busy, and know when you need a break. 
    - Know your bodies limits!!!! and maintain a good diet. Right now, I shouldn't be saying this because I've been slacking in this department because of work and school but tons of fruits and veggies can increase your mood overall
    - Keep a positive mindset. It goes without saying. If you treat it like a disease, it will hit hard. I don't like to think about it a lot, usually I forget I have it going through my day until the pain starts increasing. Don't think of it as an illness in the case you do have it- think of it as just a little bump in the road but you'll get through life great. 

    I hope this helps, I know the time when I got my blood labs done to when I was actually diagnosed was a scary time, partly because I was originally diagnosed with JRA because Lupus is hard to diagnose. I hope you're doing well :)


  • KateKate Member New Member
    Thank you Jordan, I’m glad I checked in.
    I actually see a Rheumatologist tomorrow for the first time and hope to get more answers. You have been very helpful, especially your approach by way of a positive attitude. Thanks so much...🙏🏻
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