Lupus, pregnancy and asprin??

angiie3zangiie3z Member New Member
Hi everyone, I'm new here . Really looking for some advice. I've been told I need to take asprin as a precaution to prevent preclampsia. I have anxiety and I'm absolutely terrified of starting it. Anyone else need to take asprin? What were your thoughts? I'm currently 17wks pregnant. 


  • uniqueunique Member New Member
    Hey, maybe i don't have an answer for your question (I think that it's the best to ask your own rheumatologist about that), but i wanted to say it's a great thing that you're pregnant, wish you and you're baby all the best!! :) It's nice to hear that cause I'm a lupus person as well
  • Max13Max13 Member New Member
    I suffered several miscarriages and aspirin was my game changer. I stayed on it from my positive test to 36 weeks and now have 3 kids! It made all the difference for me🙏
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