New to Lupus. Maybe.

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Hi all,

My name is Shae. I'm in the process of having my diagnosis of lupus confirmed.  While I would prefer to not have lupus, I'm also afraid that they will come back and say there's nothing wrong.  I've been struggling with fatigue for months, I'm going through my third bout with uveitis, my hips and SI joints are constantly inflamed.  Basically, things suck and I need validation from professionals that they do.  Did anyone else feel this way while awaiting diagnosis?



  • MsMeMsMe Member New Member
    Hi Shae,
    I know your frustration of knowing things are not right with your body and you can't get answers or the answer can't come soon enough.  Personally, I don't think you need validation from others that things suck for you.  You know how you feel and if Lupus is not your diagnosis you should push for further answers, ask for second opinions etc.  Lupus or not, answers or awaiting answers, treat your body in any healthy way that helps you feel better. From what I've learned, getting a Lupus diagnosis is no easy task for your doctors and not a one test answer but don't let that slow you down from finding answers.
    I think we are called Patients by our doctors because we need to have a lot of patients waiting for answers. lol

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