How did you get Lupus.

I was reflecting today on how i got lupus since scientists n doctors don't know how it comes about. Well i was fine until i got a job at a warehouse and this was in winter time. I was constantly cold. I drank a lot of energy drinks. I only worked there for 3 months as a graphic designer then i started getting sick.

My routine before i got that job.
I worked from home.
Did all my work online.
Hardly went out accept to buy a few things in town.
Sometimes go for walks and climb mountains.
I also use marijuana constantly as my lifestyle and drink lots of green tea with aloe vera juice with vegetables, lavender, aloe ferrox, euculeptus and im trying to think there was another mixture a friend gave me but cant remember ingredients in there.
Never really stressed

Routine when i started working at warehouse.
Drank green tea
Drank coffee
Drank energy drinks
Smoked less
Was cold
Was not really stressed.
Didnt really like job.

So i wanted to see what made me get lupus and perhaps if we can all look back we might get some insight to wat really causes it.

Thank you
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