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Hi. I’m not diagnosed. I’m going to see a doctor soon to be retested.
In 2011, I was diagnosed with Minimal Change Disease. My kidneys freaked out for no apparent reason. I had hair loss and fatigue before the swelling started. Lupus was their suspect, but in the end, not enough criteria.
The MCD has stayed in remission, but I’ve never felt the same since. My hair falls out periodically. I’ve had three pregnancies with severe carpal tunnel and fatigue. 
I’m 29, but I’m unable to immediately stand on my ankles in the morning. I have weak hands and wrists that injure easily. I have braces in wait. 
I feel great some days, then I hit a wall, tired and depressed, anxious. I have too much anxiety to drive anymore. I’m just really tired of it after so many years. I have a great life. It might make me feel better if I could find out they missed something that physically and mentally holds me back. I’ve been beating myself up over it.
Any advice on what to ask the doctor? I’m in a different city than where I went through the kidney disease. How do I start?
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