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Hello good people. :smile:
So....a specialist saw my bloodwork well over a year ago and instantly asked if i had been tested for Lupus - nope i hadn't. He has one heck of a review list of happy patients - but - he has a circle of drs and they shuffle the patients to and fro. Almost like a little network and it felt i walked away. 

A year later - i am getting worse - fatigue, headaches, unexplained mild nausea, numbness and stiffness in hands ankles feet, lower back, golfers elbow type pain etc etc.
 Due to covid, i have been avoiding going for updated bloodwork - i do remember him telling me i had high iron, low testosterone and adrenal numbers out of wack....

My lower back pain is becoming life altering unfortunately - years and years with chiropractic 2,3 times a week at 40 bucks a doctors..etc etc...
I am starting to wonder if it infact is Lupus related and inflammation? How can't any of the professionals have any affect long or short term on me? I just turned 50 - a young 50 if that makes sense..always been active...i am pretty fit for being a couch potato as of late - i work a pretty manual hands on job...i eat healthier than probably 80% of humans...rarely drink booze. Even typing this my hand dexterity is failing - i used to play bass guitar and now i can barely play for 20min without hand pain/finger flopping. 

any help advice etc would be greatly appreciated - thanks

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