Lupus Nephritis and COVID

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Like many others, I am really struggling right now with how risk averse I need to be with COVID-19. I have stage 3 kidney disease due to lupus, am on 500 mg of Mycophenolate. By most standards my lupus is mild, but I just don't know worried to be. I have been really careful about staying home, and now friends are starting to invite my husband and I out again for social distanced, masked outdoor activities. But I know their contacts are broader than ours so I don't know how small a circle I would really be interacting with. I also don't want to keep my husband isolated if he doesn't need to be. It's making me nuts. I know the answer is probably better safe than sorry, but I needed to vent and see what others in similar situations are doing/feeling. Any thoughts welcome. Thanks -d


  • alohajayalohajay Member New Member
    Hi. I am, too, diagnosed with lupus nephritis. I also have mixed connective tissue disease (sjögrens syndrome, RA, scleroderma, and Raynaud’s Phenomenon). And a new mommy to a 3 month old. 

    I feel you about going nuts! I have cabin fever and missing my family and friends a lot. My circle is only my husbands family. I have not seen my own family because they live in different states. But I do have a few cousins who are close by. I have not been around them because they have been going out to places. I don’t feel safe and comfortable knowing they have been out and potentially exposed to covid. If my cousins or family out of state do plan to visit me they have to quarantine for at least 10-14 days & take a covid test. I’m too afraid and don’t want to risk my health. 

    I hope you’re doing fine since your post. For me, just going through an emotional rollercoaster. Staying hopeful for better and normal days, and a safe world. 
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    Hi, i know how you feel. Everyone is going nuts bout this pandemic. You know, i really mean it when i say i understand you..because we are just in the same boat, plus ive stage 4 kidney prob with lupus. So i might not know the pandemic situation in your area ( mybe we are in different state) but im working person means im always going out. No really stay at home. So its really challenging for me bcoz i met lot of people since in my state are no longer MCO ( just recently CMCO ). My advice is, always and always ask our family and our selves to  wash hands, taking bath after you going out, always have hand sanitizer with you, and mask on. That is very important. Dont skip medication.  And always be positive.
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