Lupus Nephritis and COVID

dboothdbooth Member New Member
Like many others, I am really struggling right now with how risk averse I need to be with COVID-19. I have stage 3 kidney disease due to lupus, am on 500 mg of Mycophenolate. By most standards my lupus is mild, but I just don't know worried to be. I have been really careful about staying home, and now friends are starting to invite my husband and I out again for social distanced, masked outdoor activities. But I know their contacts are broader than ours so I don't know how small a circle I would really be interacting with. I also don't want to keep my husband isolated if he doesn't need to be. It's making me nuts. I know the answer is probably better safe than sorry, but I needed to vent and see what others in similar situations are doing/feeling. Any thoughts welcome. Thanks -d
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