Negative Ana's but still many symptoms and Diagnosis

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So i am 16 Years old and the Last two years  mostly in Sommer i became a rash on my face mostly on my checks .Whenever i had it i took pills that help for allergies and it always has gone away but Last year in december i got it  again and it started to get bigger and bigger and since december it has the typical "butterfluyshape" that's why they first thought it can be Lupus (Also since I got the rash in decemer I feel tired all the time). I got Cremes with Cortison but they didnt helped so in February  i had a biopsy on my face wich showed negative Ana's and they said its ekzema  a month later i was in Hospital for a week and this time a Cortison Creme helped and they also tested for many Things i could be allergic too but everything was fine so i could go home but it came back as soon as i had to stop using the creme and i also had a test where there put uv-light on by back and i had the same rash on my back on the uv-a side and then they again thought of Lupus cause of the photosensibilety also my blood sedimention rate was getting higher and higher wich ist Common in Lupus but in  all the bloodtests i had wich are many my Ana's were negative but since two and a half week i am diagnosed with atypical Lupus probally the cutaneous type and now i am taking 20 mg od Prednison and 200 mg of  hydroxychloroquin.I just wanted to know what you are thinking of this whole Situation cause i really don't know what to think anymore .


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    Hi! So I was diagnosed when I was 15 3 years ago, but I've probably dealt with this condition since I was about 8. From what I can tell you, no- you can have Lupus and have a negative ANA. I usually go from AutoImmune panels every 3 months to check the trends with my lupus, and from what I can tell- it is only positive during certain times of the year( not currently because I'm being checked for 2 more AI diseases). With lupus, even though it is a chronic disease- it can go into active remission for weeks, months, or years and then come back. I get butterfly rashes rarely, but when I do they are difficult to treat. I try putting vaseline on my cheeks often so my skin doesn't burn, but I've also noticed that I have loss of pigmentation on my arms, legs, and face- which could be lupus related. I hope you are doing well. 
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