Raise Lupus Awareness on Social Media!

Isha_03Isha_03 Member New Member
Hi everyone! I just joined here today and am so glad to see so many people actively participating! I was diagnosed with lupus in 2016 (when I was 19) and then with lupus nephritis a year later. I'm from India but moved to the US this year for my masters at Boston Univ School of Public Health. I just found my lupus became active again and I have to say it's quite scary living with an active lupus in a pandemic! I have been looking for a community and glad to have found one. Since people barely know about lupus, I very recently started an instagram account to spread awareness and bring us Lupus Warriors together! If any of you would be interested , please do check it out and dm me there! Would love some new ideas from you all on how we can raise more awareness on social media  Have a great day!

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