Is it lupus or is it something else?

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Hi! I was recently given a temporary diagnosis by my hematologist until I’m able to see my rheumatologist. My hematologist has some tests done for me, one being the DSDNA. It came back positive, so I’m just wondering if anyone knows if this test can be positive for any other disease besides lupus? The only reason I am skeptical is because I have been seeing doctors for 10+ years trying to get a diagnosis to fix my symptoms (see below), yet no one... cardiologist, pulmonologist, GP, ever thought to perform this specific test before. I had thought my heart was the issue for years, but after tests and blood work, my cardiologist said it was just anemia and to see my hematologist. My hematologist had previously diagnosed me with mono, which I didn’t believe that I had seeing as I hadn’t been with anyone in over three months, but I said okay. Since my symptoms persisted and seemed to only get worse over the years, I suppose these tests were what he felt were necessary. 

My symptoms are: swollen lymph nodes (for over 9 months, major fatigue, muscle cramps and stiffness, headache, joint pain, eye pain when trying to concentrate, palpitations, shortness of breath with activity, hair loss, memory issues and just recently, a swollen tongue (maybe 2.5 weeks now). 

I’ve never gotten a rash on my face, as far as I know, but I have gotten one on my abdomen, arms and legs. But the GP said it was probably related to the mono, even though it was a month after I’d been diagnosed. 

Any comments or thoughts/information would be greatly appreciated! This has been on my mind all week and I know I shouldn’t be worried about it, but I just want the right diagnosis so that things can be finally resolved instead of festering and getting possibly worse. 

Thank you so much and I hope all is well!


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    A little update: So, I had two DSDNA tests done apparently, one was positive (the IFA?) and the Crithidia one came back negative. Not sure what this is supposed to suggest. I read that receiving a negative test doesn’t rule out lupus entirely
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